Analytics Give Us Insights

Using data derived from Analytics allows us to understand how our audiences engage with us online: through our web pages, digital ads, social media and other online presences, including:

  • Which web pages drive the most traffic
  • Where our users are
  • How they navigate our web pages
  • What actions they take
  • Which digital ads they respond to 
  • Whether our digital assets (e.g. videos) are useful and compelling

Armed with this knowledge we are better able to craft a compelling experience for our users, drive them to the content they need and build long-term relationships with them.

UB’s master Universal Analytics (UA) platform is the only source of domain-wide online traffic data and is available to any UB school, department or unit whose web pages are in the UBCMS. 

Using UB's UA platform requires a basic understanding of Google Analytics. If you are new to Google Analytics, we strongly recommend that you take some basic Google Analytics training. Some training options are included in the Analytics Training section.

General Requests or Comments

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