About Analytics at UB

UB’s master Universal Analytics (UA) platform is the only source of domain-wide web traffic data and is available to any UB school, department or unit whose web pages are in the UBCMS.

The platform consists of enterprise-wide accounts in these Google tools:

  1. Google Analytics - where you can build simple reports and dashboards to display your web page usage and traffic
  2. Google Tag Manager* - where tracking code is configured and applied to web pages and sites
  3. Google Search Console* - where search data for most UB websites is visible
  4. Google Data Studio - for creating great reports with data from Google Analytics and many other data sources

Using UB's UA platform requires a basic understanding of Google Analytics. If you are new to Google Analytics, we strongly recommend that you take some basic Google Analytics training. Some training options are included in the Resources section.

*Most units will not need to use Google Tag Manager or Google Search Console but access is available to qualified individuals if needed. Please contact us for more info.