Evolution of Analytics at UB

In 2016, UB’s Division of University Communications (UC) began implementing a university-wide Universal Analytics (UA) program to help UB gain a better understanding of how university marketing activities drive audiences to our online properties and how they engage with us once they get there. 

By spring 2017, UB was tracking web analytics "universally" based on data tracked by a new Universal Analytics tracking code that was installed on all UB CMS websites (GTM-T5KRRKT; UA-1499965-70). Prior to that time, another tracking code was widely used (GTM-PRK43Q). 

UB has transitioned most units away from this old account, removing old code from UBCMS websites gradually. Most of the views in that account are still available but are not currently pulling data. If you need data prior to spring 2017, please contact dcthelp@buffalo.edu for assistance. If we have access to the account, we may be able to pull historical data for you.

NOTE: Many UB units set up their separate analytics accounts to which University Communications does not have access. To find historical data from these accounts, you will need to locate the account originator/owner directly.

UB’s Universal Analytics platform combines the power of Universal Analytics (aka Google Analytics), Google Tag Manager (GTM), Google Search Console and Google Data Studio (GDS) to record online traffic data throughout our entire buffalo.edu domain. 

The goals of our UA program are to: 

  • Seamlessly and holistically track online metrics across all UB digital properties. 
  • Streamline access to and visualization of online data so we can make informed business decisions quickly and effectively
  • Create easy-to-use reports and dashboards that help UB units track and interpret online data and measure it against their own and university-wide key performance indicators (KPIs).

University Communications took the following steps to implement Universal Analytics at UB:

  1. Convened pilot work group that included marketing experts from the School of Architecture & Engineering and Enrollment Management and an experienced analytics consultant.
  2. Inventoried tracking codes and analytics accounts associated with all UB websites
  3. Conducted a review of our current Google Analytics environment including mapping all subdomains and analyzing all current tracking. 
  4. Analyzed pilot data needs and developed an analytics infrastructure, as well as templates for segments, tags, reports and dashboards. 
  5. Created a single master portfolio for all of buffalo.edu, to collect all "UB" usage data and provide units with custom views, segments, filters, goals and dashboards.
  6. Installed GTM Tracking on all websites in the UB CMS.
  7. Developed online training modules..
  8. Migrated all users from the old Google Analytics account to the new. Transferred dashboards and data from old accounts to new. 
  9. Rolled out university-wide.