Finding and Replacing Text

Locate pages on your site that contain a word or phrase and optionally put another word or phrase in their place.

Location of the tool in the Websites admin console.

Located in the Websites admin console under Tools.

This tool should locate content in the common text fields on any UBCMS website or shared content page, but does not index ALL fields (Known Issue).

The tool can be found in the Websites admin console in two places. 

  • In the PageTree, click the Search tab (no replace functionality).
  • In the Page List, click the Tools button and select Find & Replace.
Known Issue

Currently the Find and Replace tool is broken (known issue). We do not believe it will be fixed for the current version of the uBCMS (AEM 6.3).

Known Issue

The tool indexes primary areas like titles, headers and content fields of text components, but may have troubles seeing words in more buried fields, such as teaser descriptions and titles in shared content, Page Properties, or links in lists. > read more about this Known Issue


The tool's settings, showing a sample search for 'vanity' in the Web Management site.

The tool's settings, showing a sample search for 'vanity' in the Web Management site.

Start in: Choose your preferred starting point (often your homepage).

Find: Enter the word or phrase you wish to find.

Replace: Enter the word or phrase you wish to substitute in its place.

Case sensitive: Select if you want an exact match using specific uppercase or lowercase letters (e.g. someone's name).

Whole words only: Select if you just wish to find that word, and not words that include your search query.

Preview: Display a list of files that include your search words.

  • Use this option to find relevant pages without making changes.
  • Double-click any of the found pages to open them in a new tab.
  • If the word is not found, 'No occurrences found' will be displayed.

Replace: If your search was successful, click this button to actually complete the replacement.

  • Click to replace all instances of the original word.
  • A dialog box will appear asking you to confirm your changes. Click OK.
  • Please note: If the Replace box was empty, this step will REMOVE all instances of that word or phrase.

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