Simple Footer Component (retiring, old brand)

Installed with most site templates, this provides basic brand identity and copyright, as well as links to privacy and accessibility information.

Retiring Soon

This component will be retired and stop working when the new brand launches.

New Brand Features

The Simple Footer will stop working when brand launches. Sites must switch to the new Fat Footer ('Footer') container. > read more about the digital brand transition

Using This Component

Add the component to the page. There is only one tab, but this component also acts as a container into which you can add additional Footer components, such as the Social Button.

This component, as first displayed on the page.

Here you have the opportunity to provide branding for your site, and to reinforce UB's own brand.

The UB logo appears automatically at the far left.

Line 1 Text: Enter your site's primary name;
e.g., "School of Public Health and Health Professions"

Line 1 Link: Enter a relative link to your site in the UBCMS;
e.g., "/content/sphhp/home"

Line 2 Text: Enter "University at Buffalo"

Line 2 Link: Enter the URL for UB's home page ("")

This component opened for editing, showing an example.
Inset is the example as it would be displayed.



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