Photo Gallery Component (retired)

Display a group of images all at once.

This has been replaced by the new Photo Gallery component and can no longer be added to a page. Please manually replace any old components with the new version.

Using This Component

Add the component to the page. There is only one tab.

The component as it is first displayed on the page.

Gallery Tab

Source folder: Choose a source folder from where your images will be displayed. Usually this will be in the DAM.

The component opened for editing.


  1. This component has been replaced by the new Photo Gallery component.

  2. The Photo Gallery component displays a caption (the image’s description) below each image. Sometimes this information is already associated with the image file, but in other cases you will need to add it yourself. (You can change an image’s Description field by editing it in the Digital Asset Manager.)
  3. When visitors click on the image or on the text below it they are taken to a window which displays the full size version of the image (the window changes sizes to accommodate each image’s full size). Once in this window visitors can view the other images in the Photo Gallery by using the clickable controls located in the lower left corner.
  4. In order for the Photo Gallery to work, you must choose a folder where an image(s) reside rather than just choosing one image file.

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