Photo Teaser Component

Build a teaser to another page.

Flex UI Classic

This information refers to the Classic version of the UBCMS. Classic will be retired in May, 2022.

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Last reviewed: April 27, 2021

Using This Component

Add the component to the page. There are three tabs: Title, Text and Image.

For original image sizes, we recommend starting with at least 800px x 536px for landscape or 536px x 800px for portraits (aspect ratio 1.5:1). Larger images are encouraged up a maximum of 2500px.

Technical Restrictions

  1. Image formats are limited to JPG, GIF, and PNG. (JPGs are recommended for best results and faster load times.)
  2. Alt Text is required by New York State policy, unless your image is purely decorative and does not aid in navigation.
  3. You do not have the option of selecting a particular size for your image; Small Landscape (140 pixels wide x 88 pixels tall) is the default size.
Accessibility Concerns

State and federal rules require most images to be ADA compliant, with meaningful 'alt text.' > read more on accessible images

Title Tab

Heading: Type a title for your Photo Teaser.

Link to: If you would like your heading to link to another page, type that page’s URL into this field.

Open in new window: This optional setting forces the clicked link to open in a new browser tab or window.

When that is selected, an additional icon will follow the linked text, to alert visitors that they will be taken to a new browser window, or even leave the current website.  And if the hyperlink goes to a downloadable file, an document icon will instead be shown as well as the file size if the file is on the same server. (Read more about link labels.)

Alt text: Add a description of the image for users who may have difficulty seeing it.

  • Alt text is required by New York State policy for most images and is always required if the image has a link or if the zoom feature is enabled, otherwise a caption can serve instead.
  • Blanks or a carriage return are not in compliance and will be blocked.
  • A period and space are now added at the end of any alt text that does not already end with punctuation. (This is not visible in the dialog box.) This increases the clarity with which a screen reader reads the page.
  • See for tips on writing alt text.
  • If you change the image, you will be reminded to check the alt text for accuracy.

Hide border: Specify whether you would like to show or hide a border around your image. If you select Show border a thin gray line will frame your image. The border is hidden by default.

Alt Text is generally required under state and federal accessibility laws.  Read more about Alternative Text.

The component opened for editing showing the Title tab.

The component opened for editing showing the Title tab.

Text Tab

Add descriptive text to your Photo Teaser. When you view your Photo Teaser, this text will appear below the heading and to the right of the image.

The component opened for editing showing the Text tab.

The component opened for editing showing the Text tab.

Image Tab

Give your Photo Teaser an image by dragging one from the Content Finder into the Image Tab.

Another way to add an image is to click within the empty Image tab and then upload an image. (Your image will not be stored in the Digital Asset Manager if you choose to upload a file using this method.)

Crop and/or rotate your image by using the buttons that appear in the Image tab after you import your photo into it.

If you already have an image in the Image tab but desire to replace it with a different one, click the Clear button adjacent to the crop/rotate tools.

Only JPG, GIF and PNG formats are allowed. JPGs are recommended for best results and faster load times.

The component opened for editing showing the Image tab.

The component opened for editing showing the Image tab.

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