Pull Quote Component

Highlight a selected quotation in your Related Content Container.

Using This Component

The component as it is first displayed on the page.

Full Name: The source's full name, in normal order (Jane Doe). Will be in bold in the published page

Name Link: Enter a URL here to turn the Full name field into a clickable hyperlink. Use the magnifying glass to browse for a target page within the UBCMS.

New window: Select so the clicked link will open in a new browser window.

Title: This is typically used for the professional or academic rank or degree. Will be in bold in the published page.

Affiliation Title: This is typically used for the person's office or department or institution.

Quote Text: The quotation. Will be in italics in the published page.

Add quotation marks: Check to display quotation marks around the Quote Text.

The component opened for editing.



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