Requesting a Site

Here are the steps for getting your department or organization started in the UBCMS.

  1. Request an introduction and orientation meeting with University Communications.
  2. View the online training materials to learn more about the DCT process.
  3. Get organized: assign roles to people in your unit; plan your site; prepare your content.
  4. Arrange a DCT consultation with University Communications.
  5. View the online training videos to familiarize yourself and key staff members with the UBCMS tool.
  6. Plan to attend one of our hands-on workshops.
  7. Contact us to set up your own UBCMS site.

Only individuals with UBCMS accounts can log in to use the UBCMS. Although these user accounts have the same login and password as UBit accounts, they must be created separately. See Requesting Roles and Permissions for information about requesting these accounts for your Web team.

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