Using the Sidekick

The Sidekick is your most important tool for authoring pages in UBCMS and provides quick access to the features and settings you will use for most tasks, including Page Properties.

On this page:

Different options will become available depending on the page you are authoring and your site permissions.

Components tab

Sidekick opened for editing showing the Components tab.

Access to all the components currently available to authors for this page.

Note that some components can only be added once a structure is built (e.g. in a Form or Related Content Container), while others are only permited in certain parts of the page (e.g. the sidebar or Related Content Container), and some components are only usable by Specialists (e.g. HTML Embed).

Page tab

Sidekick opened for editing showing the Page tab.

Access to tools that control the overall page and its properties.

Deleted pages cannot always be easily restored. > Read more

  • Activate Page
  • Deactivate Page
  • Lock Page
    • This setting prevents ANY additional changes to the page's contents or properties.
    • We recommend NOT using this setting. Once locked, the page can only be unlocked BY THAT AUTHOR.

Use Lock Page with caution. Once locked only YOU can unlock the page.

  • Show References...
    • Opens the References window, displaying which pages refer to the selected page, including their paths.

Information tab

Sidekick opened for editing showing the Information tab.

  • Audit Log
    • Lists the last fifteen modifications or activations of the page, including a timestamp and the user who made the change.
  • Permissions
    • Not currently enabled in UBCMS.

Versioning tab

Sidekick opened for editing showing the Versioning tab.

Versions are an exact record of the way a page looked at a given time. A version is automatically created when the page is created and each time it is activated. Authors can save a new version manually using the tools on this tab.

  • Create Version
  • Restore Version
  • Timewarp
    • Use the interactive calendar to display a view of the page from a specific date.
    • Timewarp will only display a previous saved version of the page, either by an author making a version, or by the page being activated. Otherwise it will show a more recent version, or the current page in the author environment if no previous version has been saved.
    • To edit this view of the page, use Restore Version.

Workflow tab

Sidekick opened for editing showing the Workflow tab.

Workflow is currently in development with a pilot group. We will announce when it is fully enabled in the UBCMS. > details

Navigational Buttons

The bottom of the Sidekick has five buttons (from left to right):

  • Edit: You are in edit mode if this button's icon is highlighted.
  • Preview: Preview your Web page outside of edit mode.
  • Design Mode: Allows you to add more components to your Sidekick. Specialists, Developers, Site Owners and Unit Web Leaders have Design Mode on their Sidekicks. Specialists only. 
  • Websites: Click this button to be taken to the Website Console.
  • Reload: Refresh your webpage without leaving edit mode.

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