Temporarily Switch to Classic

A power user trick to temporarily jump between Classic and Flex UI.

This feature works comparably in both the Classic and Flex UI versions of the UBCMS. In the future, screenshots and language will be updated to reflect Flex UI.

Flex UI is available to all UBCMS users now. Learn more.

Last reviewed: May 4, 2021

In general, we suggest you use the special Welcome/Start page links to switch between UBCMS version.

> Read more about the Start page here.

But, at any time, power users can also manually switch a page back to the Classic version by editing the page's URL in the browser location bar. This is a temporary switch, and later pages will load using your default settings.

To edit an open page in the Classic version, change cf# to editor.html.

e.g. – https://ubcms.buffalo.edu/editor.html/content...
becomes https://ubcms.buffalo.edu/cf#/content...

To reach the Classic version's Websites Admin Console, change sites.html/ to siteadmin#/.

e.g. – https://ubcms-author.buffalo.edu/sites.html/content/...
becomes https://ubcms-author.buffalo.edu/siteadmin#/content/...

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