Copy a Page Using Sidekick Fails

Copying a page using the Sidekick fails, generating a 'Could not copy page' error message.

Revised May 24, 2017

This has been resolved

The Copy page tool in Sidekick now includes the current page location as the default as it did in AEM 5.6.

The Issue

Normally authors can use the Copy tool in the Sidekick to make a duplicate of the current page.

With the new version 6.1, this tool can now fail, generating a 'Could not copy page' error message.  

'Could not copy page' error message.

The tool still works, but the tool has been changed. The To field is no longer prefilled with the current UBCMS location, and if the field is left blank, the tool will attempt to copy the page into the 'root' folder, which is not allowed.

Nb. the Copy tool in the Site Admin Console still functions similar to the previous version, with prefilled information.

The new version of the Copy tool no longer has the final location information prefilled.


We have forwarded this to Adobe.

As a workaround, complete the To field. Here are some suggested methods:  

  • Copy and paste the prefilled information in the Copy* field into the To field, to use the current location.
  • Alternately, use the magnifying glass finder tool to navigate to the preferred final location.
  • Alternately, use the Copy tool in the Site Admin Console, which has prefilled information similarly to how it did in the previous version.