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Sidekick Won't Show Components

Published March 21, 2012

The Issue

Occasionally, the Sidekick may collapse, and cannot be expanded with the Expand / Collapse button.  The bottom icons may be visible (Edit, Preview, Websites, Reload), but no component options (Core, More, etc.) are visible.

Collapsed Sidekick

The Expand / Collapse button (circled in orange) sometimes fails to expand the Sidekick.


The Sidekick is stuck in preview mode.Try the following:

  1. Click the arrow icon in the top of the Sidekick. Try to collapse and then expand it again.
  2. Click the bottom edge or bottom right corner of the sidekick and hold down the mouse botton down. Then drag the  mouse downward to expand it manually. (Normally when you hover the cursor over the edge of the sidekick it will show two-side directional arrows to expand/collapse.)

The Sidekick should expand.

If these solutions fail, try clearing your browser's cache and closing then restarting your browser. Then repeat the above steps.

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