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Event List 'loading events' messages never stops

My published page's Event List does not display the event feed, and instead displays a perpetual 'loading events' message.

Published August 10, 2017

The Issue

If there are events in your calendar feed, the Event List should quite rapidly display them on your published page.  (If it discovers there are no immediate events, the message "No events scheduled." shoudl display instead.)

Occasionally we have seen an issue where no events display, and instead the filler message 'loading events' never goes away.


This appears to be a local issue with your browser. The cache is preventing you from seeing the new event feed.

Our standard advice for UBCMS authors applies:

  1. try a different browser
  2. try a private/incognito session
    (this sidesteps cache & history)
  3. clear browser cache & history
  4. restart your browser
  5. try a colleague's computer