External Embeds Do Not Load in Author or Secure Published Pages

Published December 16, 2013

The Issue

Externally embedded content does not load on pages in the author environment or on secure published pages.

The Cause

The UBCMS author environment and Shibboleth-protected published pages are loaded securely with SSL (the URL in the address bar will start with “https”). Modern browsers are becoming more strict about showing only securely-loaded content when the URL in the address bar is a secure URL. For security reasons, attempts to load insecure content using an External Embed component within the UBCMS interface will be blocked by many browsers.


Please Note: some of these solutions require advanced technical knowledge and Specialist access.

  • When possible, embed content from a secure external site (e.g. https://somesite.com).
  • Add the following javascript to the page's Page Properties, in Head HTML on the Advanced tab:
    <script>if(window.location.hostname == 'www.buffalo.edu' && window.location.protocol == 'https:') window.location.protocol = 'http:';</script>

Place this script in the Head HTML box on the Advanced tab of Page Properties.