Form Submissions are Duplicated

Revised May 9, 2018

The Issue

We're seeing infrequent and inconsistent instances where a form is submitted once but generates TWO copies (duplicates/clones). The time stamps are almost identical and all fields and any attached files are included in both versions. The form submit button was not clicked twice.

The Cause

This does not appear to be browser or operating system related.  

Native UBCMS forms and those in Formstack but embedded on a UBCMS page have both been effected.

The form submit button was definitely not clicked twice.

We do not know the exact cause, but believe it relates to Google Analytics GTM (tag manager) tracking codes. In all known instances, this has occured on a page that has TWO GTM codes.  We have also conducted some tests, and the same form with no codes or just one code does not get duplicated, but with TWO codes, is frequently duplicated.


The only solution we can suggest to date is to not use mor ethan one GTM code on your site.