Hard to Link to DAM Assets

Some assets in the the Digital Assets Manager (DAM) are now being converted into bundles, making them hard to link or see.

Published December 6, 2016

The Issue

With the new AEM version 6.1, when some assets are uploaded into the the Digital Asset Manager (DAM), they are converted by the UBCMS into bundles of files, making to harder to link to them or even recognize them in the File Chooser.

In the Content Finder or the Digital Asset Manager console, the files will still be displayed 'normally' as you would see them on your desktop, but in the magnifying glass finder tool, they are displayed as these bundles.  

Unusual display of DAM assets includes folders and names that do not match the original file names.


Unfortunately this is now considered 'normal behavior' for the UBCMS. We have asked Adobe to make it more consistent, but authors should expect to see the bundling behavior for any files that have a series of natural segments, such as Powerpoint presentations (with multiple slides) and Adobe Acrobat files (with multiple distinct pages).

One workaround is to look for the parent 'folder' that represents the entire bundle of files, and link to that.

But the best workaround is to look for your file in the Content Finder, where the filenames are shown as you would see them on your desktop, and then drag and drop the asset into a File Download component. (Please note that we recommend you only link to DAM assets using the File Download component -- see this Known Issue.)