More Than One Formstack Form Per Page

Reviewed May 21, 2020

The Issue

The vendor warns against embedding more than one Formstack form on a page when both are using the JavaScript Embed Script. Our UBCMS Formstack component uses the js/jquery snippet, so loading two of these components can cause conflicts in the scripting.

> Read more about this issue on Formstack's website


Formstack suggests a second form can be added using an iFrame, which is possible by placing the second Formstack form in an HTML Snippet.

We suggest this step only be taken by a developer!

Note to developers: you would need to paste Formstack's iframe-based embed code (not the usual JS/jquery version) into one of our HTML Snippet components. You will also need to specify the height or the form will be displayed in a scrolling pane within your UBCMS page. You willl also need to adjust the height if you in future adjust the form contents in Formstack, and probably find a way to set the height differently for mobile users using a separate HTML Snippet in an Content Optimization Container.

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