Moving (Renaming) a DAM Asset Fails

Moving a document in the Digital Assets Manager (DAM) fails unless the asset is currently activated.

Revised March 2, 2017

The Issue

'An error occured while moving page' error message.

Normally authors can rename or relocate an asset in the Digital Asset Manager (DAM) using the Move tool in the DAM admin console toolbar.  

With the new version 6.1, this tool can now fail, generating 'An error occured while moving page' error message.  


Be sure to click the republish checkboxes.

The tool fails as long as the asset is not activated (deactivated, or never-yet activated) but still works for assets that are currently activated.  

We have contacted the vendor, Adobe, for a fix.

The workaround is to first activate and THEN move the asset. 

As you do this, BE SURE TO CHECK THE REPUBLISH CHECKBOX for the asset you are moving (as well as any other related items).

But be careful you don't accidentally activate a page that you are not ready to have published.