Pages Print Differently Than Expected

After June 3rd, 2015, when a UBCMS Web page is printed, it looks different than it used to. It now shows partial URLs beside links, and the page layout is quite different.

Published June 5, 2015

The Issue

On June 3rd, 2015, we adjusted the custom format that is used when a page is printed from a UBCMS website. This will change the way the printed page is displayed either in the browser's print function, or when a visitor use sthe Share-Print component.

The style will adjust your page as follows:

  • Left navigation is hidden in print
  • Breadcrumbs are prominent in header to give the reader a sense of where the page "lives" in the site
  • Headlines are large and bold
  • Any text in the body of a page that has a link on it will print with the url next to it.
  • Collapsible content prints fully expanded


This is now 'normal behavior' for the UBCMS, but we do intend to further explore this topic and add additional refinements at a future date.

If the new format causes critical problems for your website, please contact the Help Desk.