Rich Text Editor Issues

Published March 21, 2012

Here are some common issues encountered with the Rich Text Editor.

Cannot Paste Multiple Paragraphs

The Issue

When you copy multiple paragraphs of text from a Word document or a Web page and try to paste them into the UBCMS Rich Text Editor, only the first paragraph appears.

Affected Browsers

Mozilla Firefox 3.6x


  1. Select the pasted paragraph by dragging and selecting with your mouse or with keyboard shortcuts (do not choose "Edit," then "select all").
  2. Paste from the clipboard again.

The selected text is replaced by the complete clipboard contents.

Another workaround is to prepare your text in a plain text editor such as Microsoft Notepad, and add any text formatting after pasting it into the UBCMS Rich Text Editor.

Inserting Unordered Lists between Ordered List Numbers

The Issue

Sometimes you might want to start with a series of numbered steps, but then want to have bulleted sub-items to the numbered list. For instance:

  1. apples
    • cortland
    • gala
    • golden delicious
  2. oranges
    • navel
    • valencia
  3. pears
    • anjou
    • bartlett
    • bosc

The Rich Text Editor will start renumbering from 1 after each set of bullets.


Indent the sub-items before applying your bullet.

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