Secure Pages Do Not Always Work

Secure pages do not always allow entry to people with matching permissions.

Updated December 14, 2017

There is an indication this feature may be fixed by a newer version of AEM. We have tentative plans to upgrade to version 6.3 in the spring of 2017. Thank you for your patience.

The Issue

Authentication can be set up in Page Properties, so a page is 'secure', meaning only authorized users are allowed to view the published page in the UBCMS. This is done by assigning LDAP groups and UBITNames to the page permissions.

> read more about Authentication (Secure Pages)

However, we have discovered that sometimes users cannot access the page, even though they are in an authorized LDAP group, or listed as an authorized user in the page permissions.

This does NOT affect the settings 'All users' or 'All faculty/staff.'

The problem appears to occur when LDAP information changes AFTER the page permissions are set up.

  • A listed user has never used their UB account, and their LDAP presence is thus not yet fully activated (e.g. an incoming student).
  • A user enters or leaves a listed LDAP group (due to normal permissions adjustments around UB).

Page Properties settings for secure pages.


There is no workaround.  We have reported this issue to the vendor, Adobe, and repeatedly requested a fix. Adobe has now indicated this may work correctly in newer versions of AEM. We hope to upgrade to version 6.3 in the spring of 2017 and will retest this feature then.

Until then, stick to using the general settings: All faculty/staff and All users.

If you encounter this issue, contact us.