Horizontal Slide Deck: internal server error, cannot serve request

In Author only, your Horizontal Slide Deck does not display correctly and much of the page is filled with 'Internal Server Error - Cannot serve request.'

Published October 31, 2017

The Issue

Horizontal Slide Decks show shared content pages. If one of these pages is incomplete, the slide deck breaks an dthe rest of your page may be truncated. A very long error message displays 'Internal Server Error - Cannot serve request.'

error on page.

'Internal Server Error - Cannot serve request' is displayed.


All pages displayed in the slide deck must be complete. If one is not, the slide deck breaks. This may happen as you add new child pages to the shared content area.

The workaround is to build out the shared content page fully, or to temporarily set the incomplete pages to 'Hide in Lists' in their Page Properties.