Unexpected Items in My Site's Search Results

Unexpected items appear in your site's Search Results.

Published June 19, 2017

The Issue

Normally sites limit their Search Results to pages that occur within their own site.

Pages can be included in these results for routine reasons, such as being included in a module or list. But rarely the results may include a page that is not on your site, and whose inclusion has no obvious cause.


We have discovered one way that this can occur.

List Host Page

e.g. your Search Results page includes a page with this format (note HOST and DETAIL in the path):

The presence of HOST and DETAIL in  the URL path indicate a List is 'hosting' a page, so when someone clicks on the link, the page will be displayed as if it were originally part of the 'host' site, on that 'host' page.

When the search engine updates its master index, pages are grouped based on their path, and a 'hosted' page is grouped with the host's index, even though it may not actually be part of that site.

To discover the site that has this List, use our search engine: http://search.buffalo.edu

Click the Advanced Search option, then use 'Find pages that link to the page' and enter the suspect URL as the search item. From the above example, that would be http://www.buffalo.edu/your-site/some-page.host.html/content/shared/another-site/another-page.detail.html The search results will list any page that is creating the troublesome link that is being include din your own search.