User Management Tool

Also called LDAP Importer. Create new user profiles in the UBCMS authoring environment. To remove a user, see Deleting an Unwanted User Profile.

These procedures are still being developed.

Only a select few have access to use these tools. Please use our Request to Modify User Permissions form instead.

Before You Start

  • Be sure the user you wish to import has a valid UBITName.
    • You will need the UBITName to create the user profile in the UBCMS.
    • If you enter a bad userid, a corresponding profile will be erroneously added to the UBCMS. Please remove it - see Deleting an Unwanted User Profile.
  • Be sure you know the name of the permission group(s) you will be applying to the user.
    • Choose viewer OR author OR specialist, as well as publisher.
    • Know what the UBCMS calls the site (e.g. www-president) which is normally based on its location in the UBCMS, such as /content/www/president (www-president) or /content/sphhp/home (sphhp-home).  

Import a User into the UBCMS

The User Management tool is linked on the right side of the AEM welcome screen.

The User Management tool is linked from the AEM welcome page.

Location of the User Management tool.

  1. UBITNames: Enter a valid UBITname.
    • Add or remove multiple users separated by comma or space:
      e.g. "user1, user2, user3" or "user1 user2 user3".
  2. Action: Choose from
    • Add to group
    • Remove from group
  3. Group: Choose a valid UBCMS permission group from the dropdown (site + role).
    Some examples of valid permission groups:
    • author-campus_maps (Campus Maps Authors)
    • publisher-arts-sciences-geology (Department of Geology Publishers)
  4. Click Submit.
    • A successful pairing will return the message 'User was successfully added to group' or 'User was successfully removed from group.'
  5. Once you add the user, you should then go into the User Admin Console to confirm the correct groups and roles have been set for them and that there are no unexpected conflicts; for example, someone cannot be an author of ALL of a school's sites and also an author of ONE department.

If you make an error, we suggest you immediately use the Remove from group feature to correct it.

Note: this tool does not validate UBITNames. If you enter an incorrect userid, you MUST remove that new userid from the UBCMS -- see Deleting an Unwanted User Profile.

The User Management tool with an example.

The User Management tool with an example.

Modifying Existing User Profiles

To make changes to existing profiles, including adding or removing permission groups, or deleting user profiles, please use the User Admin console.

Deleting a User Profile

Remove users with the User Admin Console.

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