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Troubleshooting: Known Issues and Workarounds

Please report any issues to your Unit Web Leader or Site Manager first. Only they can officially report a problem.

We are collecting and organizing a list of known issues and workarounds. Have you encountered problems? Have you developed a workaround? Please share your findings with us, and they will be compiled on this page for the benefit of the UBCMS community.

Known Issues (most recent on top)

When using Chrome, the submission process often never completes.
Location of the 'no jQuery' setting in Formstack.
Before embedding a Formstack form on your UBCMS page, be sure to check 'don't need jQuery'.
The Form Component option to automatically subscribe a person to a Listserv is not working.
docx files displaying as folders in the DAM.
Word documents with the .docx format uploaded to the DAM are displayed unexpectedly as folders.
Pages load slowly or incompletely and this error message is displayed.
Find the long version of a YouTube video URL in the browser location bar.
A YouTube video does not display properly when loaded normally into the Video (YouTube) component. The user may see a gray box and a prompt to install or upgrade Adobe Flash, even though the user may already have the newest version of Flash.
When a page is moved or renamed, links that are buried in a fixed list will not be updated automatically by the UBCMS.
Listing the children of a page's parent can create a loop.
Version 11 of Internet Explorer is causing a problem with some of our UBCMS components. For example, if you have a Body Text component on the page and attempt to embed a hyperlink (to a UBCMS page, or an external website), once you click the final 'ok', the link never appears on the page.
Follow these browser recommendations for the best results.
Your links to a downloadable file (e.g. a PDF) are not showing up on your published site.
This built-in feature of the Rich Text Editor is currently not working. Authors will experience an error dialog box ("Spell Checking Failed").
For Firefox, the upload from Desktop functionality of the Photo Component is not working correctly. The upload will fail and authors will encounter a dialog box that warns: "Failed to upload 'filename': 403".  
In some versions of Firefox, the 'click to upload' button in Page Properties' Image Background does not function.
You've updated a file that was uploaded to the Digital Assets Manager (DAM), but the overwritten file does not yet appear on any sites that reference it. This is because the DAM server cache is only 'flushed,' or cleared, once per day.
Relative links will fail when they point from your site (on one virtual host) to a different site (on another virtual host), for certain virtual hosts. For example; links to sites written as /content/www/... will not work correctly on the SPHHP site.
FireFox shield icon.
In the author environment, clicking links to external sites sometimes shows a blank or mostly blank page or does not load the new page.
Place this script in the Head HTML box on the Advanced tab of Page Properties.
Externally embedded content does not load on pages in the author environment or on secure published pages.
Adjusting a page Title in the Websites List View can corrupt the page in the UBCMS, making it "unstructured" content. This is transparent to authors until it interferes with normal UBCMS functionality. While it is technically 'normal' UBCMS functionality, it should be avoided until further notice.
Secure pages are by design only accessible to a user once they have successfully logged in through Shibboleth. In some cases, like the List Component, the UBCMS is smart enough to not even reveal a link to a secure page unless the user should see the link, but this makes it difficult to naturally reveal these pages in lists.
CQ 5.5 has a bug that occurs only in Firefox on a Mac.
The "OK" button becomes unresponsive after an author makes a selection from the drop-down menu in the form dialog box when building a new form in the authoring environment.
When a user fills out a form, the “thank you” message doesn’t display, and the form submission fails without showing an explicit error message to the user. The issue affects forms that have checkbox elements and forms that have “client validation” turned on.
Your site includes content such as a news or events feed from another UBCMS or external source, and what is shown on your site doesn't update when that external feed changes. This has to do with server caching.
The published date is based on the date of activation. As a result, future activation or editing to that page causes the published date to change to the date of the most recent alteration.
A user must have Publishing privileges in order to activate content.
Google Analytics data prior to May 30, 2012 will include statistics from both the authoring and live environments and therefore will not accurately reflect public use of your published website.
A file will not delete from the DAM and no error message appears.
Collapsed Sidekick

The Sidekick collapsed, but won't expand by clicking the expand / collapse button.

Here are some common issues encountered with the Rich Text Editor.

When attempting to access the UBCMS login page, the page never loads.

The Download Component on a shared content page can't contain a directly uploaded file.
A page or piece of shared content sometimes is published under a name that no longer exists on the author system. This can happen if a user without publishing rights renames a published page, or possibly for other reasons.
The Content Finder
The Content Finder can be collapsed against the left edge of your browser. This can increase the visible area of your browser window when you are working within components of the UBCMS. However, it is also possible to accidentally hide it, and the Content Finder seems to be removed.

Other Documentation

Consult the author support documentation provided by Adobe Day, the creator of the CQ Web Content Management system. Please note that some of the vendor instructions may not apply and some features may not be available, as the UBCMS has been modified to suit the needs of the UB community.

UBCMS Support