Creating and Editing Pages

Build your pages based on the different types of content that you use.

Learn how to create new pages and view examples of different page layouts.
You can use Page Properties to adjust many important settings that influence how the page is displayed or used within the UBCMS. In most cases, the changes are immediate.
The Sidekick is your most important tool for authoring pages in UBCMS and provides quick access to the features and settings you will use for most tasks, including Page Properties.
Learn about how to add components to your Web pages, how they appear and how to copy and delete them. 
Use the UBCMS rich text editor to add or paste paragraphs of text, create bulleted or numbered lists, link text to other pages, format text with bolding and italicizing, and undo changes.
Duplicate a page and keep its properties and content.
Change the file location or the name of a file.
Remove a page from your site. The ability to remove pages is role-based.
Publishing a page makes it viewable. Manually publish your page or schedule publication. Content can also be scheduled to appear or disappear on a specific day. We recommend you use versioning because content cannot otherwise be recovered unless your page is published.