Copying Content Between Pages

A quick and easy way to copy content between two pages, without copying the entire page.

This shortcut relies on the UBCMS built-in copy and paste functionality. You can transfer one or more components between two regular web pages, or to a Shared Content page.

To work, the Content Finder must be enabled - confirm that by checking that the browser location bar shows "/cf#/" in the current page's URL.

  1. Build the website or Shared Content page if it doesn’t already exist. This is your TARGET page.
  2. Make sure you know its URL in Author; e.g., copy the URL from the browser location bar or leave the page open in another browser tab.
  3. In Author, open up the page that contains the content you wish to copy. This is your SOURCE page.
  4. Select the content, and right-click + copy the component(s).
    • For multiple components, always select from top to bottom.
    • Some components do not copy well, such as Dividers, and content in Column Control containers will have to be copied piecemeal.
  5. Your copied content is now in a UBCMS buffer (visually indicated at the very bottom of the Content Finder pane).
  6. Get the URL for TARGET page and paste that URL in the browser location bar for the SOURCE page.
  7. When the TARGET page loads, simply paste in your content (right-click + paste).
  8. If you need to get additional content, use the back button in the browser to return to your SOURCE page.
  9. Copy the additional content.
  10. Use the browser forward button to return to the TARGET page.
  11. Paste in the additional content.

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