Understanding the Sidekick

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  • The Sidekick is a floating panel that pops up whenever you edit a Web page. The components and tools you need to edit and design any page are stationed in the Sidekick.
  • For your convenience, you can drag the Sidekick to any location within the UBCMS window you are using. To move the Sidekick, click the top bar while dragging it to the location of your choice.
  • To minimize the Sidekick, click the arrow icon located on the upper right corner of the top bar.
  • If you switch to the Preview mode, the Sidekick automatically minimizes.

Navigating the Sidekick

(1) The top of the Sidekick has five tabs, from left to right:

  • Components: Displays the components that are available for you to use in building your page.
  • Page: Allows you to view and adjust general Page Properties, plus access general page tools (Copy, Move, Create a Child Page, Activate/Deactivate, etc).
  • Information: Enables you to view the Audit Log of the most recent modifications or activations for this page. (Also shown is a Permissions setting, which is not currently enabled.)
  • Versioning: Use this tab to Create or Restore a Version.
  • Workflow: Allows you to start a Workflow or Translate. (In use by some sites.)

(2) The center of the Sidekick, in the Components tab, lists all components that are available for the type of page you are editing.

(3) The bottom of the Sidekick has five buttons, from left to right:

  • Edit: You are in edit mode if this button's icon is highlighted.
  • Preview: Preview your Web page outside of edit mode.
  • Design Mode: Allows you to add more components to your Sidekick. Specialists, Developers, Site Owners and Unit Web Leaders have Design Mode on their Sidekicks. Specialists only. 
  • Websites: Click this button to be taken to the Website Console.
  • Reload: Refresh your webpage without leaving edit mode.
The Sidekick.

The Sidekick has three main areas: (1) top tabs, (2) component lists and (3) bottom buttons.

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