Below are all the patches, updates and improvements made to the UBCMS in 2019.



  • Shared Content: Title components no longer move below float left/right elements on the page.
  • Social Button: Added TikTok icon as a built-in choice.
  • Jumbo Top Navigation: Improved formatting of flex modules with no title and embedded links.
  • Formstack: Fixed problems with Previous/Next buttons in forms due to jQuery incompatibility.  



  • Dispatcher Flush Triggers: An error preventing timely updates when publishing shared content and some site home pages has been fixed.
  • Social Metadata: Social <meta> tags added from the Social tab in page properties have been updated to keep in line with Facebook and Twitter recommendations. Also, alt text for social images is a new option for the page.
  • Flex Module: Flex Modules with only button content (no title, image, text, list) now show again as they did before the 6.5 upgrade.
  • Faces and Voices Template: An error preventing newly-created Faces and Voices shared content pages has been fixed.
  • Automatic sorting in areas such as /content/www has been fixed.
  • Fixed several minor HTML and CSS validation issues.



  • Dynamic List: Fixed host page setting not working on dynamic lists.
  • Profile Pages: Fixed column control not working on some profile pages.
  • Search Results: Fixed an issue where sort drop-down could be cut off behind the header on very short pages.
  • Top Navigation: Fixed hover animation in Safari.