Shared Content

UBCMS sites can share selected pieces of content with one another, creating unprecedented opportunities for efficient communication and creative collaboration.

Shared Content supports simultaneous positioning of information in multiple places, and streamlines content stewardship.
Find out how to create content to share with your department or school. Learn how to add it to other pages once you've declared it to be shared content.
You can establish content for re-use on multiple pages within your unit’s website. This content may have little or no use outside of your unit.
Find content from the authoritative content directory that you must use in your site when needed.
University-wide shared content is donated for use by the university.
Several components are useful for pulling Shared Content onto your pages, including the List Builder, and Shared Content Reference.
Because these pages lack the important elements of your website (header, navigation, etc.), they are never shown on their own. Instead, they must be displayed through a 'host page,' and thus must be linked with special care.
By adding tags to your Shared Content, the UBCMS can automatically display your content through list-building components.
Shared content pages can be used to create quick redirects to other pages in the CMS or on external websites.