Building Unit Shared Content

You can establish content for re-use on multiple pages within your unit’s website. This content may have little or no use outside of your unit.

Building Unit Shared Content

Unit Shared Content is stored in your own website's Shared Content area.

To create a page within Shared Content:

  1. Open the Websites console.
  2. In the page tree view, select the Shared Content directory.
  3. Select your unit's directory within Shared Content.
  4. In the List View, select New, then New Page.
  5. Select the type of shared content to add:
    • Parent Page For Organization: Functions as a folder to store and organize your shared content. If you don't have a folder here already, use this to make one.
    • Faces and Voices Template: Use for Faces and Voices or News Item entries.
    • Flexible Shared Content Template: Use for more customized content. Recommended for specialists.
    • Module Container: Use for sidebar content or landing pages.
    • News Article Template: Use for news articles.
    • Highlight Template: Showcase a title, link, image and text. Best suited for a sidebar or narrow column.
    • Form Template: Use when creating forms.
  6. Click OK.

Once the page is built, you may then continue to create the page contents normally (see Creating and Editing Pages). Note that these pages will not have the branding or navigational elements you are accustome dtos eeing on regular Web pages.

Best Practices

As you build your Shared Content pages, please consider these best practices:

  • Consider the end use in the broadest of terms:
    • Will this content ONLY be used in one context (e.g. as a sidebar module)?
      • Be sure to use a format that supports all intended uses.
    • Will another site be interested in this information?
  • Who 'owns' this content?
  • Who will maintain this content?
  • How often will this content be audited and refreshed?
    • Add this frequency to the Page Properties Stewardship tab.
  • When was the content last reviewed?
  • Are there any restrictions or precautions in its use?
  • Are there any preferred uses for this content?

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