Authoritative Shared Content

The Digital Communications Transformation Advisory Committee (DCTAC) determines what Web content should be provided by a single authoritative source. Content categorized as authoritative must be used from this shared repository; it cannot be rewritten for use.

Examples of authoritative content include tuition rates or academic calendars.

Using Authoritative Shared Content

To use this shared content in your site, we encourage you to use the Shared Content Reference component.

Any author can view all of this shared content in the Websites console, under /content/authoritative/.

Maintaining Authoritative Shared Content

Normally this content will be under the control of offices which are responsible for maintaining its integrity.

If you have concerns about the currency or accuracy of any information in this area, please contact the DCT Help Desk.

To update or add to this content, you will need express access. Contact the DCT Help Desk for details.

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