There is a growing collection of general tags available for your use in the UBCMS, plus you can request additional tags to support your own site's needs.

Part of the UBCMS tag taxonomy, showing some of the Target Audience options and how the various tags are nested hierarchically.

Part of the UBCMS tag taxonomy, showing some of the Target Audience options and how the various tags are nested hierarchically.

Think of tags more as a tool to control HOW content should be purposed in the UBCMS, rather than as a description OF that content; e.g., a news article about a class studying pollution might actually be tagged as content for prospective students, and suitable for a collection of news, specifically stories dealing with environmental research.

All tags are available for use by any author, but before you start adding tags to your content, please understand how the tags are organized in the UBCMS.

  • Tags have Titles and Names, just like other UBCMS pages.
  • Tags are grouped hierarchically, starting with top-level 'namespace' folders that cannot be added to pages. Under each 'namespace' is one or more additional tags, and any children, or grand-children. (Tags can be nested ad infinitum.)
  • For authors, tags are listed in Page Properties, on the Basic tag.
  • To request a new tag for your site's own use, or to propose a new tag for general use across the university, please complete the request a custom tag form.
  • If your unit will be managing a large collection of your own tags, Site Managers or Unit Web Leaders can ask the Help Desk about granting Tag Administrator permissions (request permissions form).  

UBCMS Tags for General Use

General tags have been developed for broad use by all university offices, intended to help cluster content pages into collections of like objects.  There are currently four top level namespaces, each of which contains a series of tags and in some cases, child tags. (Note that the namespaces are for use in managing the tags, and cannot themselves be used as tags.)

  • Content Type namespace
    - indicates the general nature of the information within the content
    • e.g. Course Description
  • Location namespace
    - indicates the general geographic focus of the information within the content
    • e.g. North Campus
  • Target Audience namespace
    - indicates the general demographic population(s) for whom the content is intended
    • e.g. Students 
  • Target Website namespace
    - indicates the site for which the content is suitable/intended for display (not necessarily a UBCMS site)
    • e.g. School of Architecture and Planning

In addition, the Target Website tags are themselves folders set aside for use by each UBCMS site for development of tags that are intended primarily for use locally within their own pages. (The other namespace tags are intended for broad use by all UBCMS sites.)

What Tags are Available?

Below is a more complete list of the tags. If you have questions about the general tags, or would like to explore developing your own tags, please contact the UBCMS Help Desk. If you have questions about the intent of tags established within a specific  Website folder, please contact that department directly.


This namespace specifies for whom the content is intended (e.g. target population).

  • All Audiences [literally, for ALL AUDIENCES]
  • Alumni
  • Business Entrepreneurs
  • Donors
  • Employees
    • Faculty
      • Affiliated Faculty (non-UB)
      • Clinical Faculty
      • Emeriti
      • Librarian
      • Research Faculty
      • Teaching Faculty
      • Tenture-Track Faculty
    • Staff
      • Clerical Staff
      • Professional Staff
  • International
  • Parents
  • Prospective
  • Public
  • Students
    • Advanced Graduate Certificate
    • COmmuter Students
    • Graduate
      • Masters
      • PhD
    • Postdoctoral Scholars
    • Postgraduate Medical Trainees
      • Medical Fellows
      • Medical Residents
    • Professional
      • Medical Students (MD)
    • Residential Stduents
    • Undergraduate
      • Freshmen
      • Juniors
      • Seniors
      • Sophomores
  • Students + Faculty + Staff [literally, for ALL UB students and employees]
  • Vendors and Contractors


This namespace contains general purpose tags for grouping content that are department-neutral or campus-wide in nature.

  • Alphabet
    • A
    • Z
  • Research-Creative Interests [tags for building faculty profiles, divided by school]
    • CAS
    • SEAS
    • SPHHP
  • Season
    • Fall
    • Spring
    • Summer
    • Winter
  • Topic
    • Acaademic (Research)
    • Addictions
    • Multiple Sclerosis
    • Population Health
    • Student Life
    • Tobacco
  • Year
    • 2019
    • 2020
    • 2021
    • 2022

Content Type

This namespace describes the content type or content template with which the content is built.

  • Announcement
    • Criticality
      • a Need to Know
      • Advisory
      • Emergency (placeholder)
    • Event Type
      • College Day
      • Commencement
      • Distinguished Speaker
      • Homecoming
      • Open House
      • Opening Weekend
      • Service Disruption
      • Schedule Disruption
      • Sports Event
      • Weather
    • Service Impact
      • Buses
      • Parking
      • Travel
  • Contact Information
  • Course Description
  • Download
  • Faces and Voices [content built using the Faces and Voices template]
  • Facility
    • Administrative Facility
    • Core Facility
      • e.g. BioDesign Core Facility
    • Dining Facility
    • Residential Facility
    • Support Service
    • Teaching Facility
  • Form (something ypu fill out)
  • Honor or Award
  • Job Posting
  • Media Placement (news about us appearing in someone else's publication)
    • Faculty
  • News Article (something we publish here)
    • Event
    • General
    • Research
  • Organizations or Group
  • Photo (one image)
  • Photo Collection (a gallery)
  • Quotation
  • Research Center
  • Tutorial
  • UB Policy
  • Video (one movie)


This namespace specifies your content is intended for, beginning with very general locations, but may expand later to include more specific sites.

  • Downtown Campus
  • North + South + Downtown Campuses [literally, for all three campuses]
  • North Campus
  • Residences
  • South Campus
  • UB Off Campus
  • WNY Region (not specifically on a campus or in a UB property)


Special series that matches UBITNames.   

  • a
    • aa
      • Aref, Amjad J. (aaref)
    • ab
    • ac
  • b
    • ba
      • Batta, Rajan (batta)
  • c
  • etc.


A non-production place for developers to experiment with building and placing tags. Any tags destined for actual real-world use will later need to be REBUILT in a regular namespace.


Some examples follow, but this namespace includes many more tags established by sites for their own use. Each site is welcome to have their own Website 'folder' and then develop additional unit-specific tags in this area.  Warning, these tags are volatile and not intended for use outside that department's site -- use at your own risk!

  • Alumni Relations
  • College of Arts and Sciences
    • (each department)
  • Graduate School of Education
    • (each department)
  • News Center
    • UB News Author
      • John Doe
    • UB News Topic
      • Arts and Culture
      • Campus and Community

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