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The pillars at Baird Point on Lake LaSalle are an iconic image of UB's North Campus.

University Communications curates general information about our university and the Buffalo-Niagara Region, as well as commonly requested resources such as the visitor's guide directions and detailed campus maps. Authors are encouraged to use this content on their own sites.

What Content is Available

Here is some of the more commonly requested content that is available. If you would like something that is not listed, please let us know.

Subject Location in Shared Content
description of North Campus /content/shared/university/page-content/aboutub/campuses/north_campus live example
description of South Campus /content/shared/university/page-content/aboutub/campuses/south_campus live example
description of Downtown Campus /content/shared/university/page-content/aboutub/campuses/downtown_campus live example
description of all our schools and colleges /content/shared/university/page-content/schools-and-colleges live example
description of each school and college
look in /content/shared/university/page-content/schools-and-colleges/ (each block on the above example)
description of the Buffalo-Niagara Region with additional pages on topics such as 'affordable living' /content/shared/university/page-content/the-buffalo-niagara-region   live example
visitor's guide /content/shared/university/page-content/visitor-s-guide live example
map of Downtown Campus /content/dam/www/shared_assets/campus_maps/BNMC-2012opt.pdf live example
map of North Campus /content/dam/www/shared_assets/campus_maps/NorthCampus_bus-routes-opt.pdf live example
map of South Campus /content/dam/www/shared_assets/campus_maps/SouthCampus_bus-routes-opt.pdf live example
map of all three campuses /content/dam/www/shared_assets/campus_maps/Three_Campuses-opt.pdf live example
UB facts & figures:
general, demographic,  financial, or all three
(This page is all three, or use one of the child pages.)
live example

How to Add this Content to Your Page

Adding this content to your website is simple. Use a Shared Content Reference component and point the component to the shared content location of the content as noted in the above table.

If you wish to add the Visitor's Guide so that it displays within your own site, use /content/shared/university/page-content/visitor-s-guide as the address within the Shared Content Reference.

For example, if you were the School of Nursing, instead of linking out to the UB home page (left image), the content would now appear within your own site's context (right image), with your own branding, navigation and other elements.

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