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UB Events

The UB events calendar has listings from many campus offices, and is used by thousands of UB and external constituents each month. These events are available in UBCMS Shared Content through the Events List. We encourage you to add your own events and draw these and other events into your website using the procedure below.

Build a Collection of UB Events

Our general collection of campus events is in this Shared Content folder: /content/shared/ubevents .

Use the Event List component to build a keyword list, limited to the above folder, and then use a keyword that is unique to the events you wish to display (in the example below, we used "ubgreen-event").

Many UB offices already use similar unique keywords, such as "cas-events," "cepp," "isss-ws-stu." If you need assistance determining a suitable keyword, contact University Communications' Calendar Team.

Below is a live list of the next five upcoming UB Sustainability events in the calendar (pulling events that were keyworded with "ubgreen-event" in the calendar).

Resist the tempation to use other components to display events. Only the Event list Component will give consistent results.

Example: Sustainability Events

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