Launching a UBCMS Site

Final steps before your new site can go live, including accessibility testing.

UBCMS Launch Process

1. The Site Owner chooses a prefered date for the initial 'soft' launch.

  • A soft launch allows the website to be live but not in the public eye, so that final adjustments can be made before the final 'hard' launch with any formal promotion. (Your soft and hard launch dates might be the same.)
  • Before commiting to this date, please be aware of these factors:
    • Avoid freeze dates when no site launch or redirect can be implemented.
    • Allow sufficient time for accessibility testing by EDI (1 week).
    • Allow sufficient time for accessibility fixes by you (1 week).
    • Allow time to schedule any redirects from your existing website (1 week).
  • Site Owner submits their soft launch date and expected time frame for accessibility testing to University Communications (UC).

2. If the dates are viable, UC handles back end details and updates the Site Owner as each phase is concluded.

  • UC checks testing and launch dates then confirms with Site Owner and affirms accessibility expectations.
  • UC schedules removal of SiteImprove block on soft launch date (protected from prying eyes during testing).
  • UC schedules implementation of any redirects on hard launch date.
  • UC schedules EDI to do a pre-launch accessibility test.

3. At scheduled date (2 weeks before soft launch), authoring stops and accessibility testing starts.

  • EDI uses a combination of automated SiteImprove scans and functional testing.
  • EDI sends report to UC, Site Owner and accesibility liaison.
    • If your site passes, UC confirms with Site Owner and accessibility liaison, and moves forward with soft launch.
    • If your site fails, UC alerts Site Owner and accessibility liaison, and a new soft launch must be scheduled after accessibility remediation.

4. For soft launch, SiteImprove block is removed (published site is now visible to public).

  • UC alerts Site Owner that site is soft launched.

5. For hard launch, any redirects are implemented.