Requesting a UBCMS Site

Here are the steps for getting your department website hosted in the UBCMS.

Websites are available for recognized UB offices and services. Access is limited to those with a UBITName account: UB employees, students working for departments, and those with special 'volunteer' appointments.

Other website options are available for individuals and departments. See UBIT's Web Hosting service guide.

Background Preparation

A. Strategic Planning

Before you reach this stage, we're assuming you have worked through the DCT transformation process to align your planned website content with your strategic vision and audiences.

B. Key Roles

To support this process, we need you to have assigned key roles to people in your unit, for site stewardship, for UBCMS authoring and for accessibility compliance.

C. Naming Your Website

UB brand guidelines and plicies govern permissible formal names for websites.  

D. UBCMS Website Hosting

Please review how websites are hosted in the UBCMS. All sites are UB branded and use responsive web design (adjust to mobile devices). All sites must be accessible to WCAG guidelines.

E. Using the UBCMS

To get ready to work in the UBCMS, familiarize yourself and your future authors with the UBCMS tool.

UBCMS Site Creation Process

Throughout, University Communications (UC) will be in regular communication with the Site Owner.

Steps and Outcomes

  1. Site Owner or Unit Web leader submits a request to host the site, including:
    • site name ("title")
    • desired URL
    • site type (academic or administrative)
    • identity of Site Owner
    • identity of UBCMS authors, publishers, specialists
    • identity of technical support contact
    • identity of accessibility liaison and any delegates (for SiteImprove)
    • identity of 3rd party developers
    • site size (estimated number of pages)
    • need for tags
    • need for external redirects
    • need for customization or external site dependencies
    • preferred launch date (subject to accessibility testing and UBit freeze dates)
  2. University Communications (UC) approves site name and URL.
    • UC contacts Site Owner, affirms launch date and sets expectations for UBCMS authoring and accessibility requirements prior to final launch.
  3. UC requests creation of a new UBCMS site.
    • The site is created in a raw state (with placeholder pages and filler text).
    • The site is 'published' in its raw state to allow SiteImprove indexing, but is blocked from public view.
    • Permissions are assigned as requested by the Site Owner.
    • Initial tags are built and activated (if requested).
    • UC informs Site Owner that the site is ready for content creation.
  4. SiteImprove does initial scan.
    • UC affirms index is correct, makes initial adjustments and sets SiteImprove access for accessibility liaison and any delegates.
    • UC notifies Site Owner about next steps.
    • SiteImprove sends an automated email to Site Owner with login instructions.

While some emails may come to site owners directly from Formstack or SiteImprove, UC generally uses's help desk to support UBCMS websites. Non-launch related service requests will normally be handled through that system and we encourage use of our forms to collect the information we need to best provide this service. See the link in the header to "'Request Help / Report  Problem.'

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