How does it work?

Follow these steps and your department will be well on its way toward a vastly improved online presence.

  1. Review the Getting Started page to learn more about the DCT and how you can get ready.
  2. Take a moment to watch our online training video, "Introduction and Preparation for the Digital Communications Transformation."
  3. Get the stakeholders within your department on board with the initiative. Their buy-in is critical.
  4. Request an introductory consultation with University Communications.
  5. Get organized: assign roles to people in your unit; plan your site; prepare your content.
  6. View the online training videos to familiarize yourself and key staff members with the UBCMS tool.
  7. Build your site in the UBCMS authoring environment.
  8. Request a site & deployment date. Visit the Optimizing and Activating Your New Website page to learn more about the process that occurs before a site goes live.
  9. Launch your site!