Online Tutorials

We recommend you watch these self-paced, online training modules before you come to our instructor-led class, or later, after you have set up your website so that you have access to UBCMS and can immediately practice your new skills.

Man working at a desktop PC with a female colleague.

In this two-part course you will learn:

  • the various UBCMS roles, such as Viewer, Author, Publisher and Advanced Users
  • how to log in to the UBCMS
  • how to familiarize yourself with the UBCMS environment
  • the basics of creating Web pages in the UBCMS
  • the basics of editing and modifying Web pages

This course is intended for:  

  • staff assigned to load content into the UBCMS
  • staff assigned to manage and maintain the website long-term

You’ll benefit by learning:

  • the basics of how to use the UBCMS Web interface
  • how to leverage available templates within the UBCMS
  • the basics of the various components within the UBCMS

After completing this course you will:

  • understand the environment and tools within the UBCMS
  • know how to create and modify Web pages in the UBCMS
  • know how to create and restore versions of Web pages
  • be able to add or change links, photos and various types of titles and body text on Web pages
  • know how to activate and deactivate Web pages

Please note - these tutorials were created for an earlier version of our content management system.  While the basic concepts remain true, the interface itself looks a little different and some elements have shifted slightly.

Of special note:

· Workflow has not yet been implemented.

· Undo function has been added.

· Login process has changed slightly (more details).

Treat these tutorials as a general overview, and not as an exact road map for using the UBCMS.  We encourage you to supplement them with either our instructor-led or self-paced training to get the latest information.