Documentation update: Secure Pages update | clarification on Design setting | Code Deployment

Updated March 31, 2017

The Help Desk team is constantly working to update our documentation. Recent changes are noted below. We plan to post regularly about these updates.

Updates for the week ending March 31, 2017

  • Authentication (Secure Pages) (Advanced topic)
    • UBitnames and LDAP group names can now be entered without all the additional parameters in Page Properties.
    • We are still working on problems with the Secure Pages permissions. If you encounter problems, contect us.
  • Page Properties - Clarified that Design setting is normally set for the home page and then is blank for all child pages.
  • Code Deployment
    • 3/29/2017
      • New Brand (pilots only): adjustments to profiles and profile report.
      • Authenticated Published Pages: This is a partial fix for “-pw” pages broken since November. Also, after this change, short user and group names can be used in the page properties box “Authenticated Published Pages” list of users and groups.