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Updated June 23, 2017

The Help Desk team is constantly working to update our documentation. Recent changes are noted below. We plan to post regularly about these updates.

Updates for the week ending June 23, 2017

  • Collapsible Grid - Direct linking a specified slide is now possible. The page will be displayed with that slide expanded.
  • Full Width Carousel - New background colors (white or gray) for the new brand.
  • Highlight Template (Template Library) - Added more about choosing images.
  • Linking Overview - More updates including incorporation of 'Link to Top of Page' page and some information about broken links.
  • List Builder - New display and advanced options:
    • Display in Columns - Break your lists into up to four columns.
    • Links: Grouped by Title - automatically build alpha-sorted lists with a heading for each letter.
    • Links: Medium Call to Action
  • Known Issues