Documentation update: size limits for File Download + DAM | Code Deployments

Updated July 21, 2017

The Help Desk team is constantly working to update our documentation. Recent changes are noted below. We plan to post regularly about these updates.

Updates for the week ending July 21, 2017

  • File Download (More components) - Added cautionary note - do not embed files larger than 50MB.
  • Digital Asset Manager (Getting Started) - Clarified that uploaded files should not be larger than 50MB.
  • Code Deployments
    • 7/12/2017
      • List Builder: There is a new option, "Limit by date" under "Advanced list options" that can be used to exclude content posted more than a certain number of years ago, such as old news stories.
      • List Builder: With Build list using "Search," special characters like "&", "|" and "-" are now removed from the search query behind the scenes. These characters were not affecting the search results, but did make the search take a lot longer. There should be no visible changes from this.
      • Page Properties: Alt text for images uploaded into page properties is no longer optional (unless no photo is uploaded at all). Alt text can also be added now (and is required) when an image is uploaded to shared content page properties.
      • Title: Blank space only can no longer be entered as the title. This would cause the component to disappear and be uneditable. A blank title still shows the page title.
      • Event List: Features have been added to the event list component to allow UC to prepare for the new calendar. There should be no visible changes to most users from this.
      • and more!