Documentation update: Header | code deployments

Updated August 25, 2017

The Help Desk team is constantly working to update our documentation. Recent changes are noted below. We plan to post regularly about these updates.

Updates for the week ending August 25, 2017

  • Header (new brand) (Header component) - Added details about new 'Identity' setting for service, initiative and event sites.

  • Code Deployments
    • 8/23/2017
      • Header (new brand): A new "Identity" option with alternate header layout is available for service/initiative/event sites that should not use the official brand extension or sub-brand.
      • Accessibility: Search and Audience Nav ("Info For") are now accessible via the keyboard (tabbing).
      • Accessibility/performance: The mobile menu is no longer loaded unless RWD display is triggered. This was triggering multiple "redundant link" accessibility warnings and also not great for performance.
      • Event List: The year 2017 was fixed in the event template, but now correctly uses the actual year.