Documentation Update: Upgrade update | new policies: Web Accessibility & Data Protection | components tweaks | Code Deployment

Updated May 25, 2018

UBCMS documentation is regularly updated to reflect changes in the system and your needs. Read about the recent changes by the Help Desk team.

Updates for the week ending May 25, 2018

  • UBCMS Upgrade Update
    • Last of issues are being resolved.
  • File Download (More component) - Reminder there is no need add file format or size details - these are added automagically, as well as tips for screen readers.
  • Form Container (Form component) - Clarified how to download stored data (Select all + copy/paste into Excel).
  • Protection of University Data Policy - New official policy, affects our forms if data is stored or transmitted.
  • Web Accessibility Policy - New official policy, affects our websites in general.
  • Code Deployment
    • 5/23/2018
      • Bug and accessibility tweaks plus,
      • Curated lists can now (once again) hold links with no URLs.
      • Group Tool: Searching/filtering the Group Manager Tool is now case insensitive.
      • Improvements have been made to formatting when printing the page.