Documentation Update: Design Mode | Edit in Place (Touch UI) | Code Deployments

Updated July 13, 2018

UBCMS documentation is regularly updated to reflect changes in the system and your needs. Read about the recent changes by the Help Desk team.

Updates for the week ending July 13, 2018

  • Design Mode (Advanced topic) - Added a deeper explanation of AEM design, 'paragraph systems' and how changes can impact an entire site.
  • Edit in Place - An initial step in the transition to Touch UI, some components can now be edited without opening the usual dialog box. This is done by two SLOW left clicks (NOT a rapid double-click). Initially, this will be provided for components that have the Rich Text Editor (Body Text, Title, etc.) Note the Rich Text Editor toolbar is still available, but in this case appears at the TOP OF YOUR BROWSER WINDOW. Click outside the component to save your changes.
  • Rich Text Editor (Creating and Editing pages) - Documentation updated to mention new butrtons in toolbar for super and subscript. BUT an additional adjustment is needed, and planned for next deployment.
  • Code Deployment
    • 7/13/2018
      • Rich Text Editors now have Super/subscript buttons.
      • Social buttons can now be used in main body, sidebar and home page columns.
      • User Report works again when showing all users/groups.
      • List no longer offers unpredictable "jcr:created" sort order.
      • Other bug fixes and enhancements.