Documentation Update: SiteImprove plugin | No Events message | External Embeds | No Index | code deployments

Updated September 7, 2018

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Updates for the week ending September 7, 2018

  • Accessibility (Site Administration and Stewardship) - Linked to SiteImprove's Chrome plugin.
  • Event List (More component) - New 'No Events' scheduled feature sets priority for messaging when the component will be empty.
  • External Embed (Specialist component) - Additional notes about limits for secure environments.
  • No Index (Page Properties, Advanced) - A new setting blocks the page and its children from being indexed by search engines. We will now routinely hide new, 'soft-launched' sites until they have cleared final accessibility and optimization tests and been formally launched.
  • Search (More component) - Noted the significance of the new No Index setting in Page Properties.
  • Setting up a Site-Wide Search - Noted the significance of the new No Index setting in Page Properties.
  • Code Deployment
    • 9/7/2018
      • Including,
        • Carousel components should appear to load faster and the page should "jump" less as they load.
        • Event lists with no events will now display the "no event" text supplied in the dialog box before using the "no event" text configured in the calendar feed.
        • A new 'No Index' Page Properties setting blocks sites from search engine indexing until they are ready to be fully launched.