Lists built with tags will function different in CQ 5.5

Published May 12, 2015

UBCMS authors should be advised that tagged lists will no longer function exactly the same as they did in CQ 5.4.


In version 5.4, tagged lists were very specific -- you got only the content that exactly matched the tag(s) you specified in the list parameters.  

With the 5.5 upgrade, if any of the specified tags in a tagged list has child tags, you will now also pull in any content tagged with any of those child tags (even if the content is not tagged with the specified tag itself).  

Here is an example:

You have tagged content as ‘School of Forestry’ because you wish it to appear on that School's home page.

In your tags, ‘School of Forestry’ is also used as the convenient parent of a series of sub-tags: ‘News’ and ‘People’.

In version 5.5, if you have a list of ‘School of Forestry’ content on your home page, it will now also include anything tagged as ‘News’ and ‘People’, even if those items are NOT tagged with the main ‘School of Forestry' tag.   And if ‘People’ has its own sub-tags, perhaps ‘Faculty’ and ‘Staff’, any content tagged with those tags will be pulled in as well.

Our recommendation…

  1. Review your tagged lists (we have provided a report to affected site administrators).
  2. If they are not built with any parent tags, they will not be affected and you can ignore them.
  3. For those that DO rely on a parent tag, consider if the content tagged with its children is desirable to be part of this list.
  • If that is ok, then again your list is fine.
  • If that is NOT ok, edit the list to eliminate that parent tag if possible, so you do not accidentally pull in its children.
  • Alternately, only pull from content that you know will NEVER be 'contaminated' with the child tags
    (e.g. a folder you control through careful work flow).
  • Alternately, create a new tag just for that purpose (UC can help you if you are not tag admin). 

Tagging example:

School of Forestry /    [stop using this as a tag]
    “home page”         [new tag created to use instead of School of Forestry—choose a name that is logical and clear]

We apologize for this inconvenience.