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Your UBCMS site may be affected by YouTube crackdown

Published May 15, 2014

YouTube is cracking down on copyrighted materials and is removing videos and even shutting down channels that use music or other assets without authorization of the copyright owner.

“It is important that all UB communicators who use YouTube videos take immediate action to avoid losing their channel or having their videos blocked by copyright owners.”

Even if you don't have a YouTube Channel, you may be affected by this if you use videos on your site now, or in the future.

UB’s Web is filled with videos we have created or embedded from other UB units. And in many cases, we are unaware that we are at risk for being cited for copyright infringement.

This is affecting virtually all videos on YouTube. Many UB channels and videos, including the most highly trafficked, are at risk. Channel owners can dispute claims if they believe copyright infringement claims are invalid.

It is important that all UB communicators who use YouTube videos take immediate action to avoid losing their channel or having their videos blocked by copyright owners.

What University Communications is doing

University Communications is reviewing all videos that we manage directly (those placed on the UBCommunications YouTube channel). For these videos, we will take appropriate action, including:

  • working with our video production providers to file disputes with YouTube
  • replacing music
  • removing videos from our Web pages and YouTube channels, as necessary

Effective May 19, 2014, we will be removing the “UB Points of Pride” video. If your Web pages link to this video, please revise them to remove this link.

Beginning immediately, University Communications will also be contacting UB owners of videos that are embedded on or linked to from UB’s top-level Web pages to affirm there are no copyright flags on the videos. 

If those videos are in violation, we expect channel owners to resolve any copyright disputes, replace video soundtracks with authorized or licensed music, or advise us that the video will be taken down and is no longer available for syndication.

Recommended Actions

Each UB unit should take similar steps to ensure that any communications assets (e.g., videos) they own, manage or have placed on their pages are not in violation. UB cannot afford to be associated with copyright infringement.

If your UB department/unit has a YouTube channel or is the owner/manager of videos on YouTube, UB University Communications strongly recommends that you take these steps, as soon as possible:

  • Go to your YouTube page and check for Copyright Notices in “Video Manager." Remarks to the right of the “Edit” button will detail the infringement.
    • If you see a copyright notification, please contact your video production provider for help.

If your Web pages link to videos owned or managed by other UB units:

  • Contact the owner of the video or YouTube Channel to confirm that their videos are not in violation of copyright.
  •  Work with them to:
    • rectify the violation
    • replace unauthorized music with licensed music
    • or take the video down from YouTube and remove any links that appear on your Web pages