Autogenerated New Page Names May be Undesirable [Flex UI]

Page names created automatically by the UBCMS may have poor readability and SEO performance.

Revised June 7, 2021

The Issue

When an author creates a new page and does not specify the Name, the UBCMS automatically generates a Name from the Title.

This is generally lower case, with any spaces or special characters replaced by a hyphen, but the UBCMS applies a 64 character limit (truncates the name after 64 characters) and the dashes are only inserted in the first 15 characters--the remaining words are simply merged together; e.g. "2021 Commencement Awards and Honors" will become "2021-commencementawardsandhonors" which will look strange to visitors and has poor SEO performance.


This has been reported to the Vendor, but we do not know if this will be changed.

The workaround is to always check the final page Name, whether you create it or the UBCMS does it automatically, and to make any adjustments by moving the page to a better Name.

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